spanish inquisition
Witness the passion, ferocity and rhythmic dynamics of the conquistadors feast – SPANISH INQUISITION.

The feast is in full swing as the sweet serenade of the Theodor’s fill the banquet room. The dance begins, as one beautiful Senorita, ignites the flame, enticing all to follow. Not to be over shadowed, a particular Senor takes a fancy to a striking maiden as she weaves to the flamenco rhythm. Accompanied by his fellow conquistadors, he takes the floor with strength, passion and masterly moves. As the men draw their partners into the dance, the flicking of fans, stomping and passion of the feverish Spanish flavour reaches its crescendo.

Spanish Inquisition Spanish Inquisition

Set at a long feasting table, the performers take us on the journey of the Spanish Inquisition. Elaborate costuming, fans and capes, bring the finishing touches to this authentic floorshow.

Spanish Inquisition 


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