Diamonds are Forever
Positioned in the centre of your venue, our “Champagne Host” trapeze artist, dressed in glamorous diamonds, gracefully performs her aerial art whilst serving champagne to your guests. With the assistance of bar staff, guests are encouraged to approach as she pours champagne and gracefully hovers above, on her trapeze.
Diamonds are Forever

The opening act commences with the sound of our magnificent orchestra, playing sounds only those of elegance and class should witness. Our swing artists opens the night with a dynamic, jazz performance of ‘Sway’, made famous by Dean Martin. Our 4 professional male dancers support the artist in an exciting performance to enhance the sounds of the music.

Diamonds are Forever Diamonds are Forever

Later in the evening, our national champion ballroom couples grace the stage with their stunning outfits, beautiful smiles and elegant steps. Your guests will experience traditional ballroom styles such as the lindy hop, argentine tango and salsa, to name a few. The magic floorshow to the sounds of the orchestra will lift the spirits of everyone watching.

Diamonds are Forever Diamonds are Forever Diamonds are Forever

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