Roving Entertainment

We understand that a great event is able to truly captivate guests from the moment they enter the venue. This could include roving entertainment throughout the night. Just imagine a circus themed event whereby guests are greeted by roving performers (whether that be our selection of fully costumed stilt walkers, actors, dancers, contortionists or magicians) which therefore allows the guests to become fully engaged in the theme. We believe this connection between the guests and the performers will enhance the overall success of the event. And why not have roving entertainment when it increases the desired atmosphere, warms up the crowd and makes the entire night much more enjoyable. So let's look closer at what forms of roving entertainment we have to offer. Remember if you have something specific in mind, don't hesitate to contact us...

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Stilt walkers

Adding a 3D perspective to any event, our Stilt Walkers entertain above the rest in a variety of costumes that are suitable for any themed event.

Themed Dancers


As the guests enter the arena, they are welcomed by our fabulous talented dancers. Perhaps house music could entice the dancers into an array of movements that captivate the crowd. Our dancers can be dressed appropriately to fit your theme for the night. Options could include Hip Hop, Circus, Rock, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, 70's, Arabian, Belly Dancers, Showgirls and so much more. You name it...we are sure to have it!



Our contortionists are fantastic for WOWING a crowd. You wouldn't believe the skills these roving entertainers have in engaging your guests. Contortionists display physical movements which involve the dramatic bending and flexing of the body and are often part of an acrobatic or circus show.



Tricks, Tricks, Tricks....what a way to engage your audience! Our magicians perform some of the best tricks in a very quirky manner. Magicians are known to please audiences of all ages, because well simply...they are just so tricky! Why don't you have one of our magicians be one of the door hosts for your function. Whatever your concept may be, we will make it happen!



Perhaps a suitable roving entertainer is one of our impersonators. Our range of impersonators include Elvis Presley, Pink, Elton John, The Beatles, Kiss and more.


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