Cooking Segment - Quick Chefs

The TV show Master Chef has rekindled the passion for cooking! We understand that most people don’t have a couple of hours to prepare a meal and that they are looking at ways to create meals that are quick and healthy. Our Quick Chefs segment is great entertainment value that will assist with this process and besides….who doesn’t LOVE food?

Local chefs from prominent restaurants across Adelaide will entertain and educate your guests/patrons with 10-15minute meals! A portable kitchen will be set up in the location of your choice, with the potential to have your major sponsors branding across the front of the kitchen and on either side. Within a 2-4 hour period each chef will prepare 3-4 different meals with 5 minutes allocated at the end of session for patrons to talk personally with the chef. There will be a 15-minute break in between each session to clean up and prepare for the next segment. At the time the chef is creating the meal, recipe cards can be handed out by our MC and assistant.

Depending on your schedule this can either be done over a variety of days/weeks. Our chefs will wear a head microphone to talk through their cooking process as well as educate patrons on the fresh produce they are cooking with. Patrons will also be invited to participate and ask questions to obtain as many tips to make their cooking experience at home as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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